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Amazing!! I love the artstyle and it really seems like this could turn into a really adventurous adventure! :D Hopefully there will be way more action packed tasks than to make a cake ;) Haha Love it!

Stay Rad Everybody!!

will there be a Steam release of your game *fingers crossed*..? if so I
hope it will have achievements and stuff, I would buy it in a heart

The game is really awesome! It game me the feel of Little nightmares but without the dreadful feeling you're going to die! This time, you're going to make a cake, but it's not easy getting all the ingredients oh no!!! You'll have to jump on the chicken, hit the switch which "hits" the chicken's head to lay an egg, and climb higher and higher because the ingredients likes to hide themselves!

All for your father's birthday cake.

Did I mention you step on the chicks to kill it? Noooo!  

I really enjoyed this game, it had a very old school disney feel to it! The only thing I will say is how long it takes to move after the cutscenes is a bit drawn out. Other than that I really wish I was able to get some cake :(

We checked you video, thx for playing&reviewing our game :D

i thought this was really cute! Though I have to admit, the guy with the chickens kinda creeped me out a little, but I thought the artstyle was fantastic and so nice to look at! I did make a small gameplay video for it on my channl and if you got the chance to check it out I'd be really appreciative, thank you! 

Hi, very nice of you to make this video review ! Thx for playing :D

Fantastic game you made folks! Great visuals, colours and especially wonderful animations, it's a real treat for the eyes :D And the gameplay is fun too, with a lil' touch of humor.

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck for the full release, I'd be glad to play some more, cheers! 

PS. if you need an italian voice actor for Farinello you can hit me up :)

Hi, thx for playing, we're glad you enjoyed the game :D

I'm sure you'd be a great voice actor for Farinello !

This was so much fun! Every character is just bursting with life (except for the poor chicks that I popped as I ran over them!), the whole concept is so quirky and the entire game looks simply gorgeous.

I can't wait to see what else you pop into this game, even if it's just another five minutes of baking the cake haha! Keep up the great work everyone =)


Thx for this video review and thx for playing !

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Hello everyone! I played the demo and i loved it! I enjoyed every moment in the game and i really liked the transition of the music as you go around to places! Perfect visual and i really think the cartoonist characters with the 3d enviroment is a great way to make the game more special and artistic funny! :)  Great work Dev's you got all a big thumbs up from me and plz keep it up! :) (I'm already waiting for the full version) and if ofc you have the time, check my gameplay.

Thanks again!

Best Regards


Hey Everyone,

I did a video covering the demo of Archimoulin and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the game. Both visualy and audio wise the game presented very well.



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Hey there, we've seen your video, thx for playing and reviewing :D

Looks great ;)

thx ! =)

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Very nice graphics !

Thank you ! :D